Your Leaders’ Social Media Presence

Happy Monday! Today we’ll be discussing the importance of your ministry’s leadership participation on social media.

First, we must establish what I mean by the term “leadership”. Here, I’m speaking about the whole team- your pastor, your ministry’s founder, your creative team members, your worship team, your inside management, etc.


Below you’ll find 5 main ways you, as leadership, can positively impact your ministry’s community on social media:

  • Encourage your people. Beyond the pulpit or the stage, social media allows the opportunity of encouragement and influence online. Because our society practically lives on the internet, it’s so important that we are there speaking truth to their day, including our leaders. People want to connect with people on social media, especially those who have positive impacts on their lives. This may look like posting scripture from your daily reading or from the passages you’re going through as a congregation, or maybe commenting on someone’s post that needs to hear encouraging words. Think about how you would want your pastor to lead you on social media if the roles were reversed.
  • Show you’re real. This is a huge deal for any leader, but especially those who’s ministries are larger in size. As a leader of a ministry where you have a large impact on many people, it’s most likely important to you that you’re not seen as a person that has it all together or that only prepares messages all day every day in order to connect with them personally on a emotional and spiritual level. You are just like the people in your community- with your own family, your own interests and hobbies, your own responsibilities, your own struggles, and your own life. Your calling just so happens to play out in front of a lot of people. Your people need to see that. Use social media as a way to display your heart to your community as a supplement to what you say on a Sunday or at a meeting. Give them opportunities to ask questions, feel included in the family, and to feel truly guided. A really cool way my own pastor does this is by doing live broadcasts on Periscope (which we’ll venture the benefits of later) in his office at home, in the car on the way to the airport, or other places. As a member of the church he leads, it is awesome for me to have the extra opportunity to hear from him and to go online and hear his heart that day and get to ask him questions and hear him pray for me and whoever else is listening from wherever he is.
  • Utilize the platform you’re given. As a leader, God has already given you a platform from which to teach and guide people. Because most of your people are most likely on social media, it’s important to teach and guide there as well! In addition, as a ministry leadership team, it’s difficult to speak from each heart about your work for sake of time. Each one of you has a specific story that someone needs to hear and each person has their own calling to your ministry as a whole (whether you’re creating graphics or are singing on a stage) and a heart for it. Social media is a unique outlet to share those things, via traditional social media networks or even a blog. Let your people see the heart behind the person who leads your children’s ministry, or your small groups, or your event coordination. Let them feel included in what’s going on and how the Lord is leading your team.
  • Aid in marketing ministry happenings. A big way you can contribute to the marketing of your ministry is to help them spread the word about events. Do it, of course, by showing your own heart behind what’s going on and sharing the ministry’s mission behind it. This is a way for you to speak out about events to the community outside your ministry’s accounts and to keep your own community updated and reminded. Telling people about events under your account is going to seem a lot more personal than if they see it on your ministry’s account. This is because it is a person-to-person connection versus a community-to-person connection. This could mean retweeting and commenting on your ministry’s post about an event, or posting a picture with some volunteers from the previous year and telling a story that has meant a lot to you. This also shows your community within and those outside that you are actively involved in the events your ministry is posting about!
  • Get insight into your peoples’ lives. As a leader of your ministry, your responsibility is your people. As busy as you probably are with good things, you can’t meet with every single person in your community. You can, however, get a glimpse of what’s going on in people’s lives on their social media accounts. People put more than you would think about their lives on social media. As a pastor or other leader of ministry, this is an asset to you, being that it will aid you in leading them well. This may be done through simply scrolling through your newsfeed, but could also be done by asking for prayer requests online and other similar actions.

I hope this shed some light on why your leadership’s social media presence is important! Please write any comments or questions in the box below.

Sources: Christianity Today & Vision Room


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