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Our modern culture loves to communicate via the Internet. We are fast-paced, wanting news in real time, and always on the go.

Where does the awareness of your ministry fit into all of this?

The Purpose

Social Steeples is a space authored by Taylor, a graduate of Samford University and former Marketing Intern for a church in Birmingham, AL. Through her knowledge and experiences and that of her connections and colleagues, she provides insightful information and tips for how to market your ministry effectively in our fast-paced society.

‘Marketing’ and ‘ministry’ are not words normally heard together, wouldn’t you agree? The hope is that, through this blog, you are able to see what marketing looks like for your ministry specifically and some ways to reach your audience in the most effective way possible.

It is crucial as church and ministry leaders to take advantage of the social space that is free and crowded with people already. It’s right there, waiting and wanting to be used. Let’s explore the powerful tool of social media marketing together. Maybe we can even spread the love of Jesus along the way!

The Name

When deciding on what to call this site, it was preferred that it be meaningful to the purpose of the content and a combined name of media and ministry terms. After brainstorming, Social Steeples was chosen because it was thought to be a good representation of both the social media marketing aspect and ministry aspect of the information given in this space.

Credits to Kaitlyn Bouchillon for the blog name.


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