Resource Sites

Below I’ve listed an assortment of sites that offer various free resources for the purpose of marketing your ministry.

Free Photos


This website is not ministry focused, but provides around 4 free images per week straight to your email after subscription.

Freely Photo Club

This website is focused on providing the best images each week for church designs, and will send you up to 15 free photos each week.


Jon Bailey, the Co-founder of Lightstock, will send you a free photo and vector each week to download! Lightstock is spiritually based, so these photos are made for church/ministry use.


Ten new photos every ten days, posted to their website and sent to your inbox!

Life Of Pix

New images are uploaded to this site each week, free for download.

Jay Mantri

This site offers a stream of beautiful high-resolution photos.

No More Clip Art

This site is faith-based and offers an assortment of free photos, as well as an opportunity to search for images you may be looking for specifically.


Da Font

This website allows you to download free fonts!

Creative Pastor

This website is written and managed by Kendall Conner, the Creative Pastor at a church in North Carolina. He provides tips similar to what you find on this blog, as well as an assortment of free media resources. To name a few, he offers sermon art, print templates, tutorials, graphics, and slides as given on individual websites.

Highlands Creative

This website is written and managed by the Creative Team at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL. Each member of their team writes tips and the site includes a resource page that offers an assortment of freebies created by the team in-house. They provide resources such as stock footage and presets.


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